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How To Pray Effectively

Accurate, Biblical Explanation of What
Effective Prayer is and How to Master It


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My name is Everest John Alexander, author of "Understanding How to Pray Effectively" and creator of this website.

Understanding the biblical principles of prayer and learning how to use those principles effectively is the key to praying with power... this book teaches you those principles and how to use them so you don't continue praying amiss and wonder why God isn't answering.



How to Pray Effectively

Understanding How to Pray Effectively is a masterpiece of Christian Literature.

It takes you on an exciting journey explaining the A to Z's about prayer.

Beginning from what prayer is, all the way to the benefits of an effective prayer life this book builds a solid foundation explaining the fundamentals, such as:

- The purpose of prayer
- What constitutes effective prayer
- Why we need to pray

Then takes you in-depth into: 

- The 7 different kinds of prayer
- The biblical principle upon which each type is based
- What is faith and how to use it

After reading "Understanding How to Pray Effectively" you'll have the information you need to transform yourself into the Prayer Warrior you always wanted to be.

Understanding How to Pray Effectively is a must read for every Christian.




For the Full Treatment of this Topic Download this Ebook NOW

Understanding How to Pray Effectively contains 15 Chapters - Over 100 pages of detailed explanation of:

- What prayer is
- What constitutes effective prayer
- The 7 different types of prayer
- What faith is
- How to get more faith
- How to use faith effectively

This book also explains the purpose of prayer and the benefits of an active and successful prayer life.

You will get a complete understanding of why we need to pray and how simple and easy it is to begin and maintain a victorious prayer life.

You will also get a deeper appreciation for Praise and Worship.

You will get a clear and concise explanation of the difference between praise and worship and how they relate to each other, including details on the 7 Ascensions of Praise and how they lead directly into the experience of worship.

And finally, the hindrances to effective prayer and how to overcome them.


Here's What You Get Inside:




Chapter 1 - What is Prayer?

Chapter 2 - What is the Purpose of Prayer?

Chapter 3 - What Constitutes Effective Prayer?

Chapter 4 - What is the Biblical Approach to Prayer?

Chapter 5 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Praying In Tongues Pt 1

Chapter 6 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Praying In Tongues Pt 2

Chapter 7 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship

Chapter 8 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Petition vs. Prayer of Faith

Chapter 9 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Confession of Faith

Chapter 10 - What Are The Different Kinds of Prayer? Intercession

Chapter 11 - What is Faith and How to Use it?

Chapter 12 - What are the Hindrances to Effective Prayer?

Chapter 13 - What are the Benefits of an Effective Prayer Life?

Chapter 14 - Summary Part 1

Chapter 15 - Summary Part 2




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You'll UNCOVER...

The Striking Truth of Why God Created the Human Race


This Book Answers the Questions:

  • What is Prayer?

  • What is the purpose of Prayer?

  • What are the 7 different kinds of Prayer?

  • Why each individual needs to pray?

  • Why are some prayers answered positively and some are not?

  • What are the two major ingredients to biblically effective Prayer?

  • What are the hindrances to effective Prayer and how to overcome them?

  • What are the benefits of an effective prayer life?

  • How to develop strong faith that gets results?

  • How to avoid unnecessary painful experiences in your life




The 4 Specific Ways in Which the Holy Spirit Helps You to Pray Effectively


After Reading This Book You'll Be Able To:

  • Better understand your purpose and destiny in Christ Jesus

  • Daily walk in the power and authority that Jesus sacrificed to give you

  • Pray with confidence and power like you never did before

  • Easily exercise faith for whatever you're believing God for

  • Explain to anyone why they need to become born again

  • Praise God with your understanding and worship Him in spirit and in truth

  • Easily receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost

  • Pray in tongues fluently whenever you want

  • Understand what it means to become a true Intercessor

  • Become the Prayer Warrior you always wanted to be




  The 5 Specific Benefits
of Praying in Tongues


You'll Get A Step-by-Step Explanation of:

  • Why God created the physical universe

  • The real reason you must be Born Again

  • The difference between becoming filled and being filled with the Holy Spirit

  • What faith is and exactly how it works

  • How to get more faith and how to develop the faith you already have

  • The two distinctly different manifestations of speaking with Tongues: The Simple Ability vs. The Ministry Gift

  • The difference between Praying in Tongues and Speaking in Tongues

  • The difference between Praise and Worship

  • How to become a more effective worshipper

  • The 7 Ascensions (Steps) of Praise

  • The difference between the Prayer of Petition and the Prayer of Faith

  • What the bible really means when it says, "Faith works by love."




The Simple 4-Step Faith Formula that Guarantees You Results Every Time


You Will Discover:

  • The real reason Adam and Eve fell into sin and how there are many Christians making the same mistake today

  • The underlying reason Adam got the Death Penalty for eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

  • The biblical explanation for why we have Natural Disasters like Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Floods

  • What is the the Constitution of the Government of Heaven

  • Why the concept of “separation of church and state” is in direct violation to the Word of God

  • The real reason Job suffered the great losses that he did

  • The 3 specific things Job's story teaches us about God's will to heal

  • What it takes to become an expert Intercessor

  • The direct relationship between worship and revelation

  • The deep connection between the covenant of marriage and the new covenant of grace



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# 1

Guidelines for Effective Intercession

Many intercessors want to pray for their ministers or a missionary but do not always know what to pray for or how to pray. 

These guide-lines will help intercessors to pray more objectively than merely saying "Lord please bless my minister, Amen"

# 2

Basic Guidelines for Personal Intercessors

Dangers and pitfalls regarding personal intercessors

Along with the advantages of personal intercession come the dangers and pitfalls as well, a fact we dare not ignore. 

We are human and liable to error (fallible) and therefore we should heed the following...

# 3

How to Fast and Pray

Fasting is a laudable practice and we have reason to lament that it is generally neglected among Christians - Matthew Henry

To fast and pray is something strange to many Christians today. But it is not strange to the Old or the New Testament. It was not something strange in the early Christian Church and it was also not something strange in the time of the Reformation and in the centuries thereafter.

# 4

How to Use the Bible in Prayer

It is foolish to pray without The Bible, because through The Bible the Lord reveals Himself to us.

God speaks to us through His Word and it is our responsibility to respond. Every now and again The Bible requires us to change our behavior, our way of thinking and our prayers.

Anyone who neglects his study of The Bible runs the risk of going astray. The aim of this book is to give guidelines to intercessors on how to use their Bible.

# 5

20 Guidelines for Effective Prayer

Taken from both the Old and the New Testaments. These guidelines will give you specific direction on how to pray accurately with specificity and purpose.

# 6

Proclaim God's Name, Character and Works

Over 30 names for God complete with their corresponding scripture text revealing both His character and declaring his works.

Also showing how to let the meaning of each name guide you in prayer.

# 7

How to Pray for Un-reached Groups/Nations

There is a tremendous revival in intercession for the unreached groups all over the World. In October 1993, for example, more than 20 million intercessors all over the World prayed for the 10/40 Window countries. 

On 25 June 1994 probably more than a 100 million people prayed for the same prayer targets. An unprecedented revival in prayer and the mobilization of intercessors to pray for the unreached groups is taking place at this moment.

This book gives general guidelines on how to pray for each of these unreached groups.

# 8

Pray the Promises of God

"For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ. And so through Him the "Amen" is spoken by us to the Glory of God" (2 Cor.1:20). 

Read this verse carefully. All promises are YES in Christ, but they must become AMEN through us. Amen means; it is true and certain. We must take God at His Word because His Word is true and just and we must use those promises in faith when praying. 

We add the AMEN with our lives because a promise means nothing if we do not claim it for ourselves.

# 9

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

"Pray that I may be rescued from the unbelievers in Judea and that my service in Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints there" (Rom.15:31)

You need merely scan through Christian magazines to realize the alarming number of spiritual leaders who drop out. 

Various causes are listed: Increasing immorality; more divorce, a high stress level; no job satisfaction etc. When you keep in mind that these men (and women) at some stage in their life testified that they received a clear calling from the Lord, these facts are alarming. 

I am convinced that the attacks on spiritual workers are more fierce today than in the past. 

# 10

How to Pray for People in Government & Other Positions of Authority

1 Tim.2:1-2 has clear instructions that we should pray "for kings and all those in authority."

This is a direct instruction from Scripture which we should regard seriously. A battle is under way in the air for political rule in each country. 

If the powers of darkness are allowed to work undisturbed and influence people, they will get control over governments and people in positions of authority. The consequences will be catastrophic. 

Apart from the fact that the Evil One wants to control and manipulate people in the political field, he wants to control people in any other position of authority.



Prayer and Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world.

Human trafficking is the practice of people being tricked, lured, coerced or otherwise removed from their home or country, and then compelled to work with no or low payment. (Their passports are often taken from them). 

Victims of human trafficking are used in a variety of situations, including prostitution, bonded labor or debt bondage and other forms of involuntary servitude. The trade and sale of babies and children for adoption or other purposes is also considered to be human trafficking.

How do we pray for them?


# 12

Praying for the Poor

Poverty is a growing problem and has been part of mankind for thousands of years and will be with us till the end of time. 

God gave us in the Church the task to take care of the poor and the destitute. 

It is so that God expects governments to rule justly and to care for the poor. However it is not, in the first place, the State's responsibility to care for the poor. When for example, we read the book of Proverbs, it is quite clear how God thinks about the poor and what His instructions are.

Read and learn how to pray for the poor!

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It's my HOPE that including these Bonuses will AMAZE YOU!!!

In this classic book on prayer, author E. M. Bounds paints a clear and complete picture of The Necessity of Prayer

The book's fourteen chapters develop the relationship between prayer and faith, trust, desire, fervency, importunity, character, conduct, obedience, vigilance, the Word of God, and the House of God. Concerning Bounds' unceasing burden for prayer, Claude Chilton, Jr. wrote, "He prayed because the needs of the world were upon him. 

He prayed for long years, upon subjects which the easy-going Christian rarely gives a thought, and for objects which men of less thought and faith are always ready to call impossible." 

It is difficult to read one chapter of a book by E. M. Bounds without being impressed with the overwhelming need for prayer in this world and with the great privilege believers have in being able to approach with boldness the throne of grace and to take God at His word.

Excerpt from "The Weapon of Prayer:"

"In many places an alarming state of things has come to pass, in that the many who are enrolled in our churches are not praying men and women. 

Many of those occupying prominent positions in church life are not praying men. It is greatly to feared that much of the work of the Church is being done by those who are perfect strangers to the closet. Small wonder that the work does not succeed.

While it may be true that many in the Church say prayers, it is equally true that their praying is of the stereotyped order. Their prayers may be charged with sentiment, but they are tame, timid, and without fire or force. 

Even this sort of praying is done by a few straggling men to be found at prayer-meetings."

This book births a fire in your soul that compels you to pray! ~ E. J. Alexander

You may want to discover more about fasting for your prayer life. Read these two chapters from The Fasting Journey. 

They address "the purpose of fasting" and "the Biblical background of fasting."

More Christians were martyred in the twentieth century than all previous centuries combined.

This onslaught has continued unabated into the 21st century. 

We must reach out to our brothers and sisters — they are pleading for our help. 
How will history record our response to the plight of the persecuted? With this book, I’m hoping we can make a massive difference.

Beginning with prayer, we will see God redeem the plight of persecuted Christians and use their lives for his glory. Each chapter has a story to tell about the persecuted Christians.

As you read this devotional each day, you will encounter a contemporary story — sometimes hopeful, sometimes tragic, and sometimes shocking! 

Each chapter of The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional is devoted to one country. After an introductory story, you will read a brief history of the area and its church, and you will see a list of specific ways to pray with Scripture for the Persecuted Church in that region.


Bible Reading Schedule.

Powerful guide to reading the bible through in one year.

Developing A Quiet Time With God

Eight (8) simple yet powerful steps to take in creating a Quiet Time to commune with The Father.

Using the One Year Bible - Called the Bible Bus By Debbi Bryson

Praying the Lord’s Prayer on behalf of Your Favorite Ministry Organization

This prayer tool has been created as a service to those organizations which are God’s vehicles to expand the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth today.

The Five Finger Prayer is an effective Prayer Guide which uses each of the fingers on one hand to identify all the different groups of people in your life that you need to be  praying for.

Leading Group Prayer

Valuable Prayer Resource in assisting the Team Leader to conduct a successful Prayer Meeting.

It includes 100's of Names and Titles for God that you can use to worship and praise God with.

NOTE: In using this guide I would be wary of confessing sins and faults as this may lead to a sin-conscious defeated attitude. I would counsel you rather to confess your righteousness in Christ Jesus along with who you are and what you have in Christ! 

~ E. J. Alexander

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